Gardening is good for the soul.

We believe a healthy dose of gardening cultivates more than plants. Our sustainably sourced Good Dirt® products are easy to use for gardeners of all skill levels.​​

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These Good Dirt® Best Sellers are customer-approved from gardeners just like you.

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Made From Plants, For Plants

All our products are SAFE and SUSTAINABLE. Safe to use near kids and pets, safe to use on edible plants, even safe if you have nut allergies. Because it’s what’s NOT in our products that matters. For more information about what is (and isn’t!) in Good Dirt® Products, visit our FAQs.

100% Chemical Free

Certified Non-GMO

Heavy Metals Free

Not Salt or Petroleum-based


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Nutrition Bundle

Plant Food + PlantBiotics®

This dynamic duo keeps your plants well fed — and keeps that “living soil” alive! Using our PlantBiotics + Plant Food together gets you the best results.

Now, save when you purchase them together in this bundle.

Where To Find Good Dirt®

In The Wild

You can find us seasonally at Target, and at garden centers and plant stores near you.

Why People Dig Good Dirt®

Murphy’s Naturals Loves Good Dirt

I have heard great things from friends and family about this indoor potting mix. I love the packaging and the bag was just the amount I needed. After it is loosened, it will fill all 6 of my pots!

Murphy's Naturals

review from Amazon

Why People Dig Good Dirt®

I Love It, and So Does My Garden

This is the best ever soil I’ve ever used in my many years of gardening. I have had back issues from hauling heavy bags of garden soil when planting, and when I discovered Good Dirt, I was delighted. It weighs NOTHING compared to the usual bags of soil, plus the mixture makes it much easier for new plants to establish a good root system. I love it and so does my garden!

Dianne M.

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Why People Dig Good Dirt®

Tons Of Blooms

Good Dirt is luscious and super nutritional. My cannas went completely nuts with their soil enhancer. HUGE and healthy with tons of blooms! The bag is so convenient too… easy enough to pick up with one hand. I love the sustainability model they’ve taken; stewards of the environment! We have to be careful as we garden that we aren’t buying products that hurt our planet — Good Dirt is an easy choice!

Anna P.

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Why People Dig Good Dirt®

Totally Instagramable

Amazing soil!! Holds moisture without rotting my plants. The bag is small but has SO much soil packed in it. And let’s not forget about the totally instagramable design on the front!

Cara G.

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Why People Dig Good Dirt®

Very Healthy Soil

Excellent dirt. My plants have thrived in this product. we struggled a lot with bugs when we buy potting soil from different places. We saw no bugs whatsoever with the soil. Highly recommended


review from Amazon

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Keep your plants happy and healthy with these essentials.

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The Dirt On Us

Simple, Successful, Sustainable™

Helping your plants grow and your garden to thrive is part of our mission — whether you’re a hobbyist gardener or a landscaping professional. Learn how we sustainably source our products, and how we keep it simple so you can have a successful gardening experience.



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